Steam Revised Revenue Share Policy to Give More Profits to AAA Developers

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Valve revised its Steam Distribution Agreement and Revenue Share Tiers to give more profits to “big game” developers.

Steam now takes 25% cut once a game’s revenue hits $10 million, and 20% after $50 million, from which 30% cut of all games. This “Revenue” also includes DLC, in-game purchases, and community marketplace fees, not only the base game.

New Industry Standard For VR Headset Are Being Pushed

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VirtualLink is new open industry standard for VR headset pushed by NVIDIA, Oculus, Valve, Microsoft, and AMD.

VirtualLink uses USB Type-C connector to replaces multiple cables with a single lightweight cable. Which support four lanes of HBR3 DisplayPort, USB3.1 Gen2 SuperSpeed, and up to 27 Watts of power delivery.

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