Epic Games Launched Their Own Digital Store


Epic Games launched their own digital store at both Windows and Mac, with a plan to expand it’s boarder to Android and other open platforms throughout 2019. 

To compete with Steam, the biggest digital game store, Epic Games Store provides few benefits like: higher revenue split, stronger relationship between devs and players, and more.

Check out their store here.

Steam Revised Revenue Share Policy to Give More Profits to AAA Developers

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Valve revised its Steam Distribution Agreement and Revenue Share Tiers to give more profits to “big game” developers.

Steam now takes 25% cut once a game’s revenue hits $10 million, and 20% after $50 million, from which 30% cut of all games. This “Revenue” also includes DLC, in-game purchases, and community marketplace fees, not only the base game.

Bethesda Explains Why They’re Not Releasing Fallout 76 on Steam

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At the interview with IGN, in QuakeCon, 2018 Bethesda’s Senior VP of Marketing & Communication Pete Hines discussed why they’re not releasing Fallout 76 on Steam and future Bethesda’s title release on Steam.

“We did not announce all future Bethesda games will not be on Steam. That is not what we said. We said this game (Fallout 76) will be available exclusively on Bethesda.net.”

“We haven’t decided on anything else […] it’s an online, ongoing game. We feel like the best way for us to provide the best experience and service to our customers is to be dealing with them directly, and not through someone else.”

In short, Fallout 76 is not releasing on Steam because they want to service directly, for better player experience. And future title release is not yet decided.