Walmart Leaked Dozens of E3-Reveal Games

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Walmart Canada listed dozens of unannounced games that meant to revealed at E3 2018.

The list include Tom Clancy’s The Division 2Beyond Good and Evil 2The Last of Us 2Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Forza Horizons 5, Borderlands 3Destiny Comet, Dragon Quest 2, Rage 2, Lego DC Villains, Gears of War 5, New Assassin’s Creed title, and Just Cause 4.

GTA V – Premium Edition Leaked

Amazon Germany listed new product called Grand Theft Auto V – Premium Edition, last weekend. It says Premium Edition will release at March 23 for PS4 and Xbox One, €69.95.

It is already removed from the site as you might expected and Rockstar is being silence. So we have to wait till March to find out if it is ture.

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