Star Wars Battlefront 2 Will Not Have Season Pass, Free DLC for All Players

EA has been listening to constructive criticism from fans and has announced that Star Wars Battlefront 2 won’t have any paid DLC. The first piece of DLC is scheduled to launch in December and will include Finn, Captain Phasma, and the planet Crait from the upcoming movie The Last Jedi.

4 New Weapon Variants at Battlefield 1

DICE announced 4 new weapon variants for each 4 classes in Battlefield 1. The variants are currently in CTE. It include in DLC They Shall Not Pass, will release on March 28 worldwide.

Check out the full list of new weapons and unlock requirements below:

  • Assault – Hellriegel 1915 Defensive
    • 120-round drum magazine and bipod.
    • 300 kills with the Hellriegel 1915 Factory, and 25 kills with AT Mines to unlock.
  • Medic – Selbstlader 1906 Sniper
    • Sniper scope and a bipod.
    • 300 kills with the Factory variant, and 25 kills with rifle grenades to unlock.
  • Support – Huot Automatic Optical
    • Improved sights and a foregrip.
    • 300 kills with the Low Weight variant, and 25 kills with Limpet Charges to unlock.
  • Scout – Martini-Henry Sniper
    • Long-range scope and a bipod.
    • 300 kills with the Infantry variant, and 25 kills with the bayonet charge to unlock.