Javelin Ultimate Abilities in Anthem Revealed

NOTE: As the game is still in development, all game features may be subject to change. Last updated: Nov 4.

Ranger – Multi-Target Missile Battery

Colossus – Siege Cannon

Storm – Elemental Storm

Interceptor – Assassin’s Blades

Anthem will release on February 22, 2019 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Javelin Classes in Anthem Officially Explained

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Anthem’s Javelin classes:

  • Ranger: most versatile, can access to a wide variety of weapon types.
    • Abilities
      • Shock Mace
      • Grenades
      • Muster Point
      • Multi-target Missile Battery
  • Colossus: powerhouse, focus on damage mitigation and explosive power.
    • Abilities
      • Heavy Smash
      • Shield
      • High Explosive Mortar
      • Siege Cannon
  • Storm: use elemental force, lacks defensive capabilities.
    • Abilities
      • Hover
      • Teleportation
  • Interceptor: agility and evasion, the fastest, supporting squadmates.
    • Abilities
      • N/A

Anthem Received Lots of Promises

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Both of Anthem‘s Publisher’s and Dev’s latest game were suck, so they gave a lots of promises to their next title, Anthem.

EA, the publisher of the game, said they won’t make the same mistakes they made in Battlefront 2, which means there’ll be no lootboxs. Dev team of the Anthem, BioWare, promised to deliver post-release story DLC to Anthem, which they didn’t made it on Mass Effect Andromeda.