Introducing Project Muze

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Project Muze is an virtual design engine that uses machine learning to generate virtual fashion designs. You can easily design your own fashion by tapping into some information – like gender, style, mood and favorite art movement – and drawing some simple lines.

Well.. it seems there’re struggling at lack of variety and most of designs are not great. But we can get inspired with it and as we know, it’s powered by machine learning so I think it will get better over time. Click here to create your own design.

All Paragon Players Now Can Get Free Stuffs Just by Logging In

There’ll be a ‘Daily Login bonus’ in V.38.3 update. Player can get rewards ranging from Boosts/Coins to Skin Variations/Diamond Chests. They also have changed the way to random rewards work with chests. Wherever you would have received a random reward, you will now receive a chest.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends Get Full Launches After Year-long Beta


The Elder Scrolls: Legends finally get full launches at March 9. And there will be first major story campaign update for Legends coming April 5: “The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood” is a brand-new Story that will feature new solo PvE content – more than 20 missions spread across three maps – as well as over 40 new cards.