Bethesda Sends Care Package to Elder Scrolls Fan Who Dodged a Bullet

A gamer who dodged a bullet get an original copy of The Elder Scrolls Anthology with an all new package signed by the whole development team, miniature AER9 Laser Rifle replica from Fallout 4, limited edition Shrine of Azura statue from The Elder Scrolls 5 from Bethesda.




The Witcher is Coming Out on Netflix

The Witcher is apparently going to get a series developed and produced by Netflix very soon. The series will be based on Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski’s 8 novel saga.

Introducing Google Lens

Google Lens is a powerful AI driven visual search app. Google Lens can tell you what species a flower is just by viewing the flower through your phone’s camera. Read a complicated WiFi password through your phone’s camera and automatically log you into the network. And Offer you reviews and other information about the restaurant or retail store across the street, by you just flashing your camera over the physical place.