Travel Around The Mars At Your Living Room

NASA collaborated with Google to produce Access MarsAccess Mars allows people to travel around the Mars anywhere for free. It’s available for all desktop and mobile devices and VR/AR headsets, which includes mobile base VR devices on Apple and Android.

You can try out and get more information here.


Dubai Police Announced Electric Hoverbike

Dubai police have announced that they will have electric hoverbikeIt will allow officer to fly 5 meters above the ground so they can carry a police officer over congested traffic in emergency situations.

The bike can fly alone up to 6 kilometers and it can fly for 25 minutes and can carry up to 300kg of weight at a speed of 70kph, as First Sergeant said.

Real Time 3D Hair Dye Simulation

AR Tech startup ModiFace revealed their deep learning-based live video hair tracking and hair color simulation. They trained their neural networks with 220,000 hair images to make their networks detect hair in each video frame and adjust the coloration of hair in a photorealistic way.

You can try out this new tech at “Hair Color” app on App Store.